Hon Sahr Charles of consistuency 028 Kono district said that parliament has failed to debate the auditor’s general report for almost five years. Hon Charles made this statement on Tuesday, November 29 while contributing to the Appropriation Act, 2023 an act to authorize expenditure from the consolidated fund for the services of Sierra Leone for the year 2023 and other related Uk matters.

He described the 2023 budget as a well-painted document, noting that the theme is not addressing the Vulnerable.

He cited examples in paragraphs 6 and 7 of the budget speech which according to him is not addressing the suffering of the masses for the past three years and that all the government did is to cast the blame on the Ukraine war and Covid-19.

“Although the world was not ready for the disease, another nation’s acted, and economies are doing well,” he added.

He stated that there are other areas like tourism where the government can generate revenue instead of giving the Ukraine War and COVID as excuses.

The MP from Kono pointed out that Government, in terms of bread and butter government achieved nothing. He stated they have appropriated
Le33M to address all sporting disciplines in the country but what he is seeing is that the Ministry is only concerned about football while other disciplines are struggling.

He went on to say that paragraph 66 talked about the financial independence of the audit service in sierra Leone but that for over one year the Audit service cannot boast of a substantive Auditor General as they only have an acting Auditor General.

He mentioned that since they set up the tribunal they have not yet looked into the matter of the suspended Auditor General and his Deputy.

Hon Charles emphasized that the money that they allocate to the Ministry of Youths is small owing to the challenges young people are facing in the country.