On Wednesday 14th September 2022, a massive voter registration campaign sponsored and led by the Chief Executive of the National Public Procurement Authority Chief Ibrahim Brima Swarray took place in cinema city.

The campaign which was aimed at highly increasing voter registration turnout within the city and by extension Kenema district, brought together members of the drivers union Kenema district,Sierra Leone Commercial Motor Bike Riders Union, Traders Union, youth groups, and, other groups of people within Kenema.

The event was the most intensified voter registration campaign exercise seen so far since the start of voter education by individuals or groups of persons.

The parade started at Hangha road and then continued to Koroma street, aumaila street, comma road, dama road, blama road, Maxwell khobie street, and how to doing market, among other places.

Sponsored and led by the NPPA BOSS, some of his voter Registration campaign messages included, sierra Leoneans should come out to register as it is their civic right, the decision to determine the positive change in a democratic state starts with voter registration, and every development in a country begins with voter registration stating that it is only a registrant who can vote during an election and any citizen who wish to change any system must register to vote wisely.