A Retired AIG and Former Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Ibrahim Koroma, has responded to the Fugitive and Ex-Convict, Baimba Moi Foray also known as LAC.

Mr Ibrahim koroma in his statement provided evidences in a form of oral explanation which was recorded via social media. He stated that he was among the Officers that handled the LAC murdered case and that he can comfortably say that it was confirmed and proven that LAC was the one that actually killed DJ Clef.

He explained that the then Director of Crime Services, lead a Team of Investigators and other Stakeholders to visit the scene of crime, which was LAC´s compound at Aberdeen and when they got there, they found out that LAC´s Compound was the last known place the victim, DJ Cleff was seen alive and that they also found out that the victim was drunk early during the party.

He continued that, they learnt that the whole building was locked except where the party was going on, so DJ Cleff was tricked by LAC and his men to enter the house and took him to a room where they murdered him in cold blood. He said since loud music was playing nobody could hear the sounds of struggling and there were number of people that were with LAC that would restrain the victim from moving out of the room.

Mr Ibrahim said that they also learnt from the people that none of them saw the victim, DJ Cleff , leaving the compound since he went there. He added that they discovered that LAC had camera as a recorder which they learnt that it was later dismantled to avoid any trace of the crime.

He furthered that the room DJ Cleff was murdered was so unusual as all the other rooms were filled with furniture and other things but that particular room was empty and that there were traces of marks on the floor which showed that a floor carpet was there before, so they believed that the carpet might have been used to dispose-off the body.

He added that, they, as investigators didn’t had any forensic capabilities, but even nature was against LAC, as they observed foul smell coming from the room and flies were hovering in and out of the room and even though the windows were closed the flies were stuck on the window, which showed that something fishy had happened in that room.

The Former Head of CID said, they learnt that the next day after the party, when the killer was planning to disposed off the corpse of DJ Cleff, nobody was given access to the compound not even the Security when he went to take up duty.

After these clues, he said they went to the investigations proper as they then uses the judge’s rule; if you are trying to discover the author of a crime, there is no objection to you putting question to any persons or people, so they went on the move and arrested people that attended the party, and that proved very successful because they were able to get a lot of clues to the killing.

He affirmed that it was when they had zoomed in on LAC and his co-accomplices which they knew did the killing and had identified possible witnesses from the people they detained, was when they submitted all the findings to the Law Officer Department, which uphold the findings and later told them to charge, so they charged LAC and his accomplices for murder.

He confirmed that LAC was given full opportunity to defend himself and that he could have said all what he is saying now but he didn’t.
“When he was in jail he did not behave in such a way, now that he is out, I believe the victim’s blood is hunting him. What the people of Sierra Leone need to know at this point is how his name was brought up in the amnesty which President Bio was tricked into signing and how he was able to escape out of the country when the people started to complain of his release. This is what the people want to know, not to try and gain sympathy. I will state that, based on our evidence LAC was the one that murdered DJ Cleff and he should be sitting in jail and shut his mouth rather than tarnishing the reputation of good people in the country” he ended.