Popular Researcher, Dr, John Idriss Lahai has sent a message to the youths of Kenema, condemning their action to erase a part of the name of the street named after the Inspector General of Police, Ambrose sovula.

According to Dr Idriss, these youths had used paint and removed the ‘Dr’ from the street named as Dr Sovula Street, saying it should be “Sovula Street” because the IGP lied about his “Dr” status.

Because of this, he took to his timeline and wrote this message:

“just in: A family member just informed me that you (the youths of Kenema) went to “Dr Sovula Street” (the street where the residence of the Inspector General of Police Ambrose Sovula is located) and erased (using paint) the “Dr” — saying it should be “Sovula Street” because the man — Ambrose Sovula — lied about his “Dr” status.
Please let us all be law abiding citizens! Please Kenema Youths, I beg you in the name of love not to resort to “vawulence” (Facebook will not allow me to spell the word correctly). “Vawulence” or angry physical reaction or vanda|ism is NOT the answer; this is not how to address the problem of fake degrees in our country. I know you’re hurting (because of joblessness amid the proliferation of fake degree holders who are competing for your jobs)! But let us be peaceful in our activism to solve the problem of our time: fake degrees. Remember: apart from peacefully appealing to the government to take action and to name and shame of the bad guys, there are no other ways to achieve a win-win solution. Think about your future and your families before you engage in what may send you to pr!son for a long time”

With that piece of advice, he ended by reiterating that he condemn their action and distance himself from all disorderly behaviours and violence actions as that is not what he stands for.