Hejenah Entertainment sensational singer, Rahim De Wizard, has on his Facebook page hit back at popular Sierra Leonean political commentator known as Adebayor by accusing him of plotting against Famous’ show in Germany.

Rahim De Wizard on his talk continued that he had been a victim of Adebayo’s influence that destroyed his International tour to England, Holland, France, Belgium and other parts of Europe.

According to Rahim De Wizard, he alleged that Adebayo went on to threaten and persuaded the promoters that wanted to sell Rahim to Europe. He added that the so called Adebayo threatened that if the promoters insisted in bringing Rahim to any of the aforementioned countries in Europe, he will single handedly spoil the shows.

This Rahim affirmed that it created panic and fear in the hearts of the promoters and they drop the deal. Notwithstanding what he has suffered from Adebayo, he affirmed that he didn’t give a damn about that.

As a victim of Adebayo’s influence, Rahim De Wizard has spotted the same thing coming towards Famous who has a show at Germany that he alleged Adebayo is determined to do exactly what he did to him.

Adebayo as political commentator commenting on issues partaking politics has created doubt in Rahim’s mind because of his actions towards other Sierra Leoneans. He continued that, if the change Adebayo seeks is to block peaceful Sierra Leonean artistes that seek to find a living in their career in foreign countries, then he is worst than the people he opposes.

In his conclusion of the pep talk to Sierra Leoneans in Germany, he urged all to go out in numbers and support Famous. On his Facebook page he blasted at Adebayo:

Adebayo talk to promoter dem way bin wan kerr me go England ,;Holland France, Belgum and some part na Europe say if dem bring me e n e crew go poil all the shows dem which me nor care..N the promoters dem sef scared..Now e day try for do the same to Famous if that’s the change you day try for bring that means you bad pas the wan dem way u day oppose..Sierra Leoneans in Germany come out and go support Famous please”