Talking to the audience during a discussion with the group Israel United in Christ at the Inspector General of Police (IGP) office on George Street in Freetown, IGP William Fayia Sellu affirmed that his force for good has already disrupted 60% of the Kush supply chain across the country.

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) boss disclosed a substantial upheaval in the supply chain of the narcotic drug Kush, citing the disruption of the distribution network.

Speaking to the congregation, IGP Sellu accentuated the multiple approaches taken on by the government and the SLP in fighting the threat of Kush abuse. He cited current endeavors such as the statement of a public health emergency, the organization of COVID-19 response configurations, and the opening of a restoration center for victims.

IGP Sellu underscored the SLP’s obligation to eradicate Kush abuse through nurtured awareness movements and targeted police procedures. He said, “The SLP remains dedicated to curbing the abuse of drugs, particularly Kush, and we have successfully disrupted 60% of its supply chain.”

A representative from Israel United in Christ expressed their eagerness to pitch into the fight against Kush abuse, underscoring a spiritual method to round off law enforcement efforts. Captain Ose,  the Team Leader emphasized the need for dealing with the spiritual extent of the issue, saying, “Kush is not just a physical problem but a spiritual one, and we aim to change mindsets through spiritual deliverance.”

He went on to express their willingness to work together with the government and share techniques to combat Kush abuse. “We will educate people about their identity and how they can transform their lives,” he affirmed.

They ended by lengthening an invitation to the IGP to participate in a schedule concentrating on Youth Violence and Conflict Resolution, planned for June 2024 at their school on Circular Road in Freetown. They conveyed hope for beginning meeting with the SLP on this vital issue