The National Women’s Leader of the National Grand Coalition (NGC), Mrs. Isata Jabbie Kabbah has remarked that “sober NGC men and women can never support that shenanigan of that thing they called COPPP.”

The remarks of the former First Lady come following statement by the National Chairman of NGC, Dr. Dennis Bright, that the party was withdrawing its candidate from the parliamentary by-election in Constituency 073 in Koya Chiefdom, Port Loko District to support the candidate presented by the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party.

According to IJ Kabba as fondly called, “Dr. Dennis Bright was speaking for himself and not for the NGC because we have never sat as a political party to agree to be a part of the so-called COPPP.”

She averred that the NGC has its own political principles that are millions of miles away from the main opposition APC, but said the COPPP thing has put the mockers on that idea, adding that COPPP does not make any sense to her and to many sober-minded NGC members; men and women.

The Coalition of Progressive Political Parties (COPPP) comprised thirteen opposition political parties that dissociated themselves from the All Political Parties Association (APPA) to form a coalition on the grounds that APPA was siding with the Government. The APC that wants to lead the coalition is counting on the support of NGC to challenge the ruling SLPP in the June, 2023 national elections, though most of the prominent members and supporters of NGC would prefer to return to their former party SLPP rather than join the APC.

Thus Mrs. IJ Kabbah’s response to D. Dennis Bright’s NGC purported support to APC in Constituency 073 in Koya Chiefdom, Port Loko District was a clear indication of how most of the senior members of NGC are vehemently opposed to the so-called COPPP. The NGC National Women’s Leader mocked: “I am not part of COPPP, I am not cup. I am not spoon. I am not knives and forks. I have my senses with me and COPPP does not make any sense to me and to many sober-minded NGC members; men and women.”

According to the Satellite Newspaper, the NGC National Women’s Leader was part of last Thursday SLPP’s final campaigns in Constituency 073 in Koya Chiefdom and Constituency 005 in Upper Bambara and Mandu Chiefdom in Kailahun District respectively.