The Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy for Justice (ILRAJ) has submitted a comprehensive position paper on the Mediation Bill, 2023, to the Law Reform Commission.

This move highlights ILRAJ’s commitment to improving access to justice in Sierra Leone by promoting effective dispute resolution options.

The Mediation Bill proposes establishing Mediation Centers nationwide, offering a structured and affordable alternative to traditional court battles. Mediation is known for its benefits like reduced costs, faster resolutions, and fostering amicable settlements.

ILRAJ’s recommendations focus on strengthening the Bill’s effectiveness and inclusivity. Key areas include:

  • Ensuring everyone eligible can access mediation.
  • Combining the strengths of centralized and regional mediation centers.
  • Integrating customary practices into the formal mediation framework.
  • Providing clear guidelines for transitioning between mediation, arbitration, and court.
  • Enforcing international mediation agreements.
  • Raising public awareness and implementing rigorous mediator training programs.
  • Securing long-term funding for the Mediation Centers.

ILRAJ believes these recommendations will ensure the successful implementation of the Bill and expand access to this alternative dispute resolution method. The position paper has been delivered to key stakeholders, and ILRAJ looks forward to collaborating for the Bill’s enactment.