The Independent Media Commission (IMC) has launched an investigation into an alleged broadcast made by Tumac Radio and Citizen Radio that is linked with the November 26th attempted coup in Freetown.

According to IMC, the timing of the alleged broadcast during that crucial and challenging moment posed serious security threats to national peace and stability and also had the potency to incite violence and unrest, enhance the spread of false information, tighten public anxiety, and undermine national cohesion.

IMC also stated that the allegation if confirmed contravene the IMC Act of 2020 and its Print and Electronic Regulation 2022, adding that the commission will not tolerate such acts.

The commission stated that findings and outcomes of the investigations and decisions by the commission will be made public.

The IMC urged all media houses and practitioners in print and electronic media to strictly abide by the IMC Act 2022 and the Print and Electronic Media Regulations of 2022 at all times.