Incoming reports reaching Sierraloaded has it that the Sierra Leone’s Independent Media Commission has suspended popular Radio programme “Monologue”, usually aired on Citizen FM, Eagle FM and other radio stations.

According to a press release issued by the IMC which was made available to Sierraloaded, the decision was taken at a board meeting held on Tuesday, 25th August 2015. The Board agreed to set up a special committee, comprising IMC Commissioners and representatives from other institutions, to investigate key issues contained in the said broadcasts.

IMC made it clear that the position to suspend the Programme was based on public interest, stating that the “Monologue’ has the tendency to infringe on National peace and security, while inciting violence and public disorder.

According to the Commission, key institutions like SLAJ, ONS, and the Bar association will be part of the committee who will at long run present a report on the Monologue programme.

The IMC further revealed the suspension of the Publication of Democrat Newspaper till further notice.