Inciters Must Be Warned That Military Takeover in Sierra Leone is Not Feasible

It is indeed quite disturbing that in the wake of the military coup, which took place on the 5th September 2021 in neighbouring Guinea, during which time President Alpha Conde was overthrown and arrested, some Sierra Leoneans are now expressing the negative notion or wish that the same must happen here.

Those wishing for such to take place here could best be described as saboteurs or enemies of progress as it is only such individuals who could wish doom for the country through the forceful removal of the democratically elected SLPP Government headed by President Julius Maada Bio.

For quite a considerable period of time now, military interregnum has not been fashionable within the West Africa sub-region as it used to be in the late 1950s and 60s. The mere fact that harsh sanctions were imposed on countries where military takeovers did occur by certain sub-regional organizations and the International Community, military coups were no longer in vogue. Besides, the deepening of democratic credentials in some of the countries within the West African Sub-region has somehow made it possible for elections to be used as a conduit for a change of Government.

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Based on an investigation mounted it came out glaringly that the restriction in the exercise of basic fundamental human rights and harsh economic times were factors that precipitated the overthrow of Alpha Conde by the military in Guinea.

However, it could be erroneous on the part of some to hold the notion and spread the view that whenever Guinea sneezes, Sierra Leone must catch cold.

In just less than two years from now, to be precise in 2023 the country will be going to the polls as it will be holding both Presidential and Parliamentary elections. It will somehow be fool hardy on the part of some to wish doom for the country because no matter how one looks at it one cannot rule out violent episodes or occurrences that are bound to materialize through the barrel of the gun as well as not ruling out looting and other forms of reprisals.

Guinea, unlike Sierra Leone, never tasted the bitter pill of war. For eleven years Sierra Leone was engulfed in one of the most brutal and senseless wars which led to the wanton destruction of lives and properties. Having being subjected to years of violent confrontations Sierra Leoneans are currently sick and tired of violent situations. One cannot obviously wish any form of violence that has the propensity of putting this country into the doldrums.

After the eleven years civil war officially ended in 2002, the Sierra Leone Army – both officers and men and women – have built a very enviable national and international reputation as a highly professional, disciplined, completely neutral depoliticized fighting force committed to one thing – their constitutional mandate to protect the integrity of the country from both internal and external aggression.

But for the military interregnum in 1997, Sierra Leone, since the war ended in 2002 has chosen to see power change hands from one President to the other, one party to the other not through the barrel of the gun but through the ballot box.

It must be taken into consideration that the Sierra Leone Army is fully cognizant of its major objective of defending the country to ensure national recovery and the reduction of poverty in a safe, secure environment and not meddling in politics.

It ensures such by having a well-trained, well-equipped and highly motivated security forces that are completely apolitical.

This medium will like to caution all those who are wishing for a coup to take place in this country to desist from wishing doom for the country regardless of our political differences.

It must be noted that if a military takeover occurs it is not only the Government or public officials that will be affected but the entire country which at this material time the vast majority of the citizenry are against.

Therefore, let us preach peace, work together to ensure development takes place and positively participate in pushing development forward as well as to criticize the Government responsibly and hold them accountable. May Common Sense Prevail!


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