Chernor Bah, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Information and Civic Education, has highlighted the achievements of President Julius Maada Bio in advancing the human capital development strategy in the nation.

He emphasized President Bio’s unwavering dedication to collaborating with various sectors to ensure effective governance and progress within the country. This sentiment was shared while he was addressing attendees at a high-level conference titled “Unlocking the Next Generation of Change Makers.”

Underlining the government’s commitment, Bah pointed out that under President Bio’s direction, significant emphasis has been placed on human investment. This is evident from the government allocating 22 percent of its budget to education, emphasizing inclusive education by facilitating access to schools for pregnant girls and children with disabilities.

Furthermore, Bah mentioned the government’s integration of innovative technologies into the educational framework. Initiatives include introducing mobile applications for viewing examination results, platforms to access the entire curriculum even without internet connectivity and distributing tablets to boost teachers’ oversight and monitoring capacities in schools throughout both urban and rural regions. All these steps, he noted, are integral to advancing the human capital development agenda and the overall betterment of the nation.