A new surgery done by Afrobarometer has revealed that three-quarters of Sierra Leoneans believe that the government handled the COVID-19 pandemic better than the 2014 Ebola Outbreak.

A vast majority of locals in the West African nation said government response was better with COVID-19 Pandemic than the Ebola Epidemic.

The Ebola outbreak lasted for two years and claimed the lives of over 3,700 in Sierra Leone while the COVID-19 Pandemic left 125 dead in the West African nation.

The survey, however revealed that only a small portion of households in the country benefited relief assistance and that it was distributed unfairly due to corruption.

Afrobarometer has been conducting survey in Sierra Leone for years now. The Accra-based Research Firm focuses on democracy, governance and economy with funding from the Swedish Government.

The firm partners several civil and educational institutions in the African region.