Innocent, a Sierra Leonean singer based in the United Kingdom has reached another milestone in his music career as his video “Pray For ME” hits one million on YouTube.

The video was shot and directed in the United Kingdom by Martin Ajakaye. It featured appearance from Sierra Leonean Model and Entrepreneur; Afiz Mohamed.

As an appreciation from the singer, he wrote on his Facebook page:

“I am lost of words rite now, we did it, 1 Million organic views on YouTube – Pray 4 Me, this means so much for me especially when i am coming from a very small country wherein the people that have access to internet are very few but yet still Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad backed up with other nationalities around the world took their time to view, like and comment on my song, many are times i see a lot of our people preferably took their time to criticise us Sierra Leone musicians saying other country musicians are having millions of views on YouTube and Sierra Leone artists are not having it forgetting that Sierra Leone is still a virgin country when it comes to social media, but in the midsts of all this my people decided to view my content and made it to a million views and counting, I could remember when i first release this song, a lot of people criticise it because of the pigeon that i used on it without thinking that i did that from a business point of view 😂 Thanks to me team, thanks to my fans, thanks to my family & thanks to my haters
Tune in on my official Facebook Page – Innocent Kuti, i will be giving you guys a thank you performance this Saturday @ exactly 9:00 pm I will also be introducing my new single Full Package”.

Innocent have joined other musicians like Arkman and Kao Denero to reach a million view on YouTube. Arkman did it with “Vanity” and Kao Denero with “Green Gold”.