The Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone (IRCSL) has issued a statement in response to a misleading online publication circulating on social media.

The article in question, allegedly published by AYV Newspaper on its Monday edition, claimed that the Interreligious Council congratulated President-Elect Dr. Samura M. Kamara. However, the IRCSL has vehemently denied the authenticity of this publication, stating that it is fake and completely untrue.

The Council, which represents a diverse range of religious groups in Sierra Leone, emphasized that it is not their practice to congratulate any political candidate before the official announcement of election results by the mandated electoral body, the Election Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL).

The IRCSL aims to maintain neutrality and impartiality in political matters, ensuring fair and transparent electoral processes.

In response to the misleading publication, the Council promptly contacted the management of AYV Newspaper. The newspaper’s representatives denied any knowledge of the article and assured the IRCSL that they would issue a disclaimer regarding the false publication.

While addressing the public, the IRCSL called upon all stakeholders, particularly political party supporters and media organizations, to refrain from prematurely announcing election results that are not directly sourced from the ECSL. Such premature announcements can cause confusion, misinformation, and even social unrest.

The Council also appealed to the ECSL, urging them to expedite the announcement of the final official election results. The prompt release of these results will help maintain public trust in the electoral process and ensure a peaceful transition of power.

Furthermore, the IRCSL took the opportunity to renew its appeal to the security forces, urging them to exercise professionalism and restraint in the performance of their duties. It is crucial for the security forces to uphold the rule of law, protect citizens’ rights, and prevent any form of violence or intimidation during this critical period.