In the ongoing treason trial of Amadu Koita and eleven others, Inspector Tamba Kasigbama, witness representing the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), presented key findings suggesting that the accused sought spiritual fortification from a herbalist ahead of their alleged operation on November 26, 2023.

The eighth prosecution witness, Inspector Kasigbama, faced thorough cross-examination by Sigismund A. Conteh, the leading defence lawyer for Koita Makalo, during which the details of Koita’s interactions with the CID were scrutinized.

Awoko reports that Detective Kasigbama read from page ten of Koita’s statement where Koita denied meeting with Sergeant Koroma for buying weapons for the coup.

Musa Pios Sesay joined Conteh as a defence lawyer for Koita Makalo.

Kasigbama clarified that Koita’s interview was suspended on December 5, 2023, and emphasized that the statement was read and signed by Koita on the same day. Conteh highlighted a particular paragraph where Koita expressed a willingness to answer questions but insisted on the presence of Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Juan Bull.

The investigator stated that no statement was obtained from Koita on November 4 and 5, 2023. Kasigbama read from Koita’s statement, denying any involvement in purchasing weapons for the alleged coup but confirming monetary transactions with individuals who claimed illness.

Crucially, Kasigbama revealed that their investigation uncovered Koita’s visit to a herbalist named Pa Sesay for fortification against gunshots. Despite objections during the trial, Kasigbama testified that Koita and others confirmed this during the investigation.

The defence pressed on the financial transactions, questioning the investigation’s findings. Kasigbama stated that both Sergeant Koroma and American received money from Koita for fortification purposes in preparation for the alleged attack on President Julius Maada Bio.

Justice Komba Kamanda ruled in favour of allowing the defence’s questions about the herbalist’s role, asserting that it was raised during cross-examination. Kasigbama maintained that multiple accused individuals confirmed visiting Pa Sesay at Matekeh Village for spiritual fortification against bullets.

As the trial unfolded, Justice Kamanda adjourned proceedings, sending all accused persons back to remand.