The Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone, under the astute and innovative leadership of professor Miriam Conteh-Morgan, will be launching its first ever center of excellence in entrepreneurship and innovation. This historic event is set to hold on 11th May 2023, at the IPAM, Tower Hill Campus.

The Centre will serve as a business incubator to support students that are developing their entrepreneurial initiatives while in the University.

The official launching on the 11th May, will be followed by a pitch night and exhibition on the 12th and 13th of May 2023, as it will give current and students that have already graduated from the university a golden opportunity to showcase their products and businesses to potential customers. It will also provide the opportunity for them to build networks, gain exposure and learn from other business owners.

The IPAM Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been recently established by the Management of the institution. This Centre of Excellence will help create awareness of entrepreneurship and facilitate the development of an entrepreneurship culture within the University of Sierra Leone.

According to Prof. Miriam Conteh Morgan, she asserted that the vision is to have an impact-focused, preeminent space that enables students to transform their entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, expertise, and initiatives into real life business solutions.

‘’Our operational strategy is geared towards building relationship with credible organizations. We have identified Orange Sierra Leone as one of the potential partners we could collaborate in creating transformative change in Sierra Leone, hence our request to meet with your organization’’, she said.

To participate in the trade fair, your business is required to have;

  1. a) A unique and innovative product or service
  2. b) A positive impact on society and/or the environment
  3. c) A strong brand identity and visual appeal
  4. d) A clear and viable business model with stability potential, and a demonstrated track record of customer satisfaction.

Past and present students of the college that are business owners are strongly encouraged to apply and register their businesses to participate in the upcoming trade fair, as it is going to be exciting and an opportunity to showcase their businesses and connect with potential partners and customers.