Members and supporters of the opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) on Monday 10, October, 2022 informed FORUM that members of the Interim Transitional Governance Committee of the APC went to the party’s national secretariat with some welders and tried to close the office to the general membership of the party.

The welders accompanied by Hon. Ibrahim Bundu said they were at the party office on the directives of Chairman Alfred Peter Conteh so as to execute the complete closure of the APC national secretariat to the entire membership and the public.

A source closed to Alfred Peter Conteh said since the verdict by Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher of the High Court of Sierra Leone, the former national executive of the APC is yet to make a formal handing over to the Interim Transitional Governance Committee.

The source informed that it was the more reason Alfred Peter Conteh and his team were unable to hold last Saturday 8th October, 2022 press conference on time. It said all party properties are still locked by the former executives which is why they went with welders to replace the locks so that they can gain full access to the secretariat.

Rumors abound that Alfred Peter Conteh is quoted to have sounded it elsewhere that he is poised to investigate the former national executive of the APC. Member after the other engaged by FORUM opined their frustration at the snail pace manner in which Alfred Peter Conteh’s ITGC is conducting the affairs of the APC party even as the June 24 general elections are around the corner. They expressed concerns that other are conducting their national delegates’ conferences and are electing their various executives and national officers while the APC Party under Alfred Peter Conteh does not seem to be up to the task of taking their party to even lower level elections not to talk about national delegates’ conference neither the 2023 elections.

Efforts in reaching Chairman Alfred Peter Conteh for his comment on the issue proved futile. He declined several calls by FORUM and failed to reply to messages forwarded to him.