It is never a rumour as Jacob The Therapist has gone lost since he saw the public notice from Cribs International that desists record labels from working with their act Jacob without their knowledge.

There have been reactions from Sierra Leoneans and other family members on the actions of Jacob The Therapist to allegedly ghost Cribs International. On the recent comment from Angelito Jnr Evangelista, a brother to Jacob, he affirmed that Cribs is now Cribs as a result of Jacob The Therapist and continued that the record label should be grateful for how far they have been working with his brother, Jacob.

On an other post few hours ago, a former act of the aforementioned record label, Mimi wood posted on her social media platforms supporting the celebrity’s actions and partially disclosed of how she had been in similar situation with the label. She alleged that Cribs International was the most unprofessional people she has ever worked with. This among other reasons made her turned their contract deal a year ago.

As the saga continues between Cribs International and Jacob The Therapist, it is now clear that Jacob is in dilemma as he totally lost but strongly believe this will come to past.

The celebrity living in limbo took to his official Facebook page and disclosed his plan to future his beloved friend and brother from another mother Peter Kombat, Sierra Leone TikTok Ambassador in a song which due to many thoughts over what he is going through could not figure out a title to the song.

“I want to future Peter on my song but I don’t even know how to tittle it πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Will you like to listen that song πŸ‘πŸ‘†πŸ˜‰”Β The Therapist posted.

Filled with courage and Consoling his friends and fans, The Therapist admonished them not to mind what he was facing as he believed everything will come to past.

Fans and friends, never mind what am facing right now, it will be settled by the grace of God,” The Therapist concluded

It is still hidden to what transpired between him and the label but everything will come to light soon.