During the  Special National Town Hall Engagement on the fight against Kush on April 2nd, 2024, organized by the Ministry of Information and Civic Education, Vice President Dr. Juldeh Jalloh delivered a stern message regarding the country’s stance on drug offenses, particularly focusing on Kush, a variant of cannabis. In a decisive move, the Vice President announced a significant policy shift, stating that individuals apprehended or found guilty of Kush-related offenses would not be eligible for bail and would face severe consequences for their actions.

The Vice President’s proclamation reverberated throughout the press room, signaling a heightened determination by the government to combat drug trafficking and consumption within the nation’s borders. Dr. Jalloh’s statement underscored the seriousness with which the administration viewed the issue, highlighting the need for stringent measures to tackle the growing problem of substance abuse.

From now henceforth, anybody who is arrested for Kush will not be granted bail,” emphasized Vice President Jalloh, leaving no room for ambiguity regarding the government’s stance on the matter. The announcement sent a clear message to both perpetrators and potential offenders that the authorities were committed to enforcing the law and ensuring that those involved in illegal drug activities faced the full force of justice.

The Vice President’s declaration sparked discussions among journalists and members of the public, with many expressing both support and skepticism regarding the new policy. While some commended the government’s proactive approach in addressing drug-related issues, others raised concerns about potential implications for individual rights and the justice system’s capacity to handle an influx of cases.

In the wake of Vice President Jalloh’s announcement, law enforcement agencies ramped up efforts to crack down on drug trafficking networks and curb the circulation of illicit substances, particularly Kush. Police departments across the country intensified surveillance and launched targeted operations aimed at dismantling criminal syndicates involved in the illegal drug trade.

As the government forged ahead with its tough stance on drug offenses, Vice President Jalloh reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to fostering a safer and more secure environment for all citizens. The Vice President’s decisive stance on Kush signaled a new chapter in the country’s fight against drug abuse, marking a significant milestone in efforts to uphold law and order.