The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Solomon Jamiru, has suggested better ways to address issues in Sierra Leone.

In addressing Sierra Leoneans via an audio sent on Social Media, the Deputy Minister started off with the dramatic turn of events that occurred yesterday wherein many precious lives on the path of the security sector and civilians were lost.

He went on to state that in his honest opinion, he don’t think what happened is as a result of failure in the security sector.

“I think a lot of the things that have happened is because the very critical space perhaps may have been mortgaged. A very keen and critical space which is a coalition of well meaning voices and effort that should occupy it. I think whiles we should appreciate the security forces in the sense that they do not want to be maintaining that kind of posture; anytime they go out, as if it’s the Security Sector VS the People. I think they are always not inclined to take that posture.” Said Deputy Minister Jamiru.

“And I also believe that President Bio is fully alert to his responsibilities. So for those that made a preposition for President Bio to act tougher or the security sector to go out and be tough on the people, i don’t think that is the way to go in addressing our issues in Sierra Leone.” He added.

he maintained that the proposition that should be made to the president is to build up a coalition of a well meaning efforts and voices within and outside Government to take that space and help government to resolve these key and critical issues within and outside government.

“It could be prominent men and women, it could be religious leaders, political leaders and even if we think we have faceless groups that sponsors alot of these things that are happening, I think we should begin to think about what could be done to mainstream some of these keen and critical interest groups and get to know what the real deal is.” He advise.

Having said that, deputy Minister Jamiru proffers these ways below to address the current pressing issue in the country :

“1. We should not be pushing President Bio to act tough and put on his coat as a general, no, let President Bio be President Bio. He is constitutionally elected. Let him be President Bio.

2.Let the security sector continue pursue in mandate and we encourage them to continue to be professional

3. Let us encourage this key and critical space to be occupied by well meaning efforts, build that kind of consensus, build that kind of coalition within and out side of government.

and the fourth one which is the most important one. I believe that we should always pray, because those who fight on their knees will always have victory in the spirit.”

He concluded with these few words; “I think a lot of what is happening in Sierra Leone, requires a lot of wisdom for us to address them and God will provide that wisdom.”