Sierra Leonean – based in the United States, Jannet Sannoh, who was spotted on a live Facebook video having an affair with her alleged husband, Micheal was heavily bashed at by fans and supporters of the celebrity for her lack of shame and misuse of social media. 

“Jannet Sannoh is trying to gain attention for Housemate Salone show 2023” – Sierra Leoneans blasted to Her live S3x Video on Facebook.

The celebrity is now being considered by many as the recent married couple to have a movie premiere in Sierra Leone community with her husband, Michael.

Recapping the details of the event, On a faithful Tuesday, Jannet Sannoh broadcasted private moments with her husband Michael on Facebook. The mother, was spotted having intercourse with her husband while the child was moving in and out of the room. This action of Jannet perplexed many Sierra Leoneans who saw the video. Some of her followers and viewers recorded the video and shared it on WhatsApp.

When the snippet videos went viral, Jannet went live accusing her fans and the Sierra Leonean community of screen-capturing her and posting her online. On the video, Jannet vividly mentioned that she owed no apologies to anyone because she is human and should be treated as one. She denies responsibility for what she did and stated furthered that she intends to carry out part 2.

After receiving bashes back and forth, on another Facebook live video of hers, she came out and apologize to fans and asked for forgiveness. She showed signs of remorse to her actions which made some Sierra Leoneans putting on her shows and let go of the issue.

Drawing conclusions to said event and Jannet, Sierra Leoneans have looked at the actions of Jannet fighting for fame. This is because, one video Jannet stated that she has been posting for ages and nobody cared about her page until she did the live saga that she went viral.

According to interpretation of the events, Jannet intended to become well-known for this in order to be on the upcoming season of Housemates Salone. Although we like Jannet, but she did all of this for popularity and fame.

When the Housemate Salone season 3 show ended, Jannet was spotted taking beautiful photos in swimming pool and declared on her page for the next Housemate Salone show 2023. Jannet belongs to Team confidence for the next Housemate show. This among other reasons inter-relate with the celebrity trying to gain more attention ahead of the show. Though many Sierra Leoneans think she should used another medium to gain attention than live S3x video.