The guilty is always anxious…Pa O Pa Desperation Boomerangs: A Rejoinder to Keketoma Sandi.

On Thursday, June 25, 2015, just few days into the holy month of Ramadan, Sierra Leoneans, especially Muslims, were rudely shocked by an unprecedented politically motivated vilification of the country’s Vice-President, the Hon. Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh. It follows the amerturish and overzealous dissemination of nude photos deliberately manipulated to bear the image of the VP.

Following the backlash and public outrage that occasioned this dastardly act, the faceless perpetrators are now finding a way to cover their guilt.

Pa O Pas have not only been gleeful about the unholy disparaging of the country’s Vice-President, but have strenuously tried in vain to deceive the naive that the photos were leaked to the public by APC members apposed to VP Foh. The objective is twofold – first to give the impression that the photos were genuine which they are not; and second – to sow seeds of discord within the APC.

To this effect, a known Pa O Pa Yusuf Keketoma Sandi, in a orgy of lies has gone the extra mile pointlessly quoting some baseless article by ”One Drop” to substantiate the claim of an APC internal strife. Keke further claimed that it’s such an internal conflict that has resulted in the immoral attack on the VP. How disingenuous!

In his article ” APC Succession Battle: How Messy and Shameful Does It Have to get?”, Keke woefully failed to quote the more knowledgeable SLPP flag bearer hopeful – Andrew Keili – who, only last week, expressed deep admiration for the APC unity and commitment to a common goal; in stark contrast to the caustic and fractious SLPP. Instead, Keke wasted all his energy explaining about explosions of political undercurrents in the APC that do not exist.

Clearly, the Pa O Pa argument is so specious and out of place that it failed to support even itself. The fact is, VP Foh has never been part of any succession fight nor has he been anti-Sam Sumana. In fact, he was the lead advocate to get Sam back on to the rails. So if there is any animosity from the Sam Sumana camp against any member of the APC, it would not be Victor Foh. Also, all those who were strongly advocating for Sam Sumana have now rallied around the party’s decision and some are even working with Victor Foh. Therefore to insinuate that this attack on the VP is from within the APC is not only dishonest but it’s a clear determination to mislead.

More obviously, it points to a desperate attempt to cover up for a smear campaign that has boomeranged. The public anger and condemnation of the Pa O Pas, who everyone knows are behind this headless political balderdash – such rustic acts being their trademark – are now finding a way to dissociate themselves from this ill-thought out charade.

We have seen how they have been trying to divert attention from their opprobrious infighting and how they have barefacedly tried to launder their battered public image using the Sam Sumana affair.

But a group of people whose quest for political power shows no respect to their opponents, even within thier own party, have no decent way to make their case on their own record. This is because decency is not in their political DNA – theirs is a dog eat dog mentality. So Keke should go back and ponder Andrew Keili’s thoughts on the APC party unity before running loose with such lies about APC infighting. You guys have only once again shown everyone that your lot are NOT fit for purpose – you certainly need a lot of political upbringing. As it is, you would ever remain on the sidelines of the political landscape getting angry and getting rude.