Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Sierra Leone, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK), has voiced significant concerns about the current living conditions in the country under the leadership of President Bio.

In a recent statement, JFK highlighted the painful challenges faced by citizens, particularly regarding the high cost of living. He asserted that the government is taking advantage of the apparent inaction of the opposition to implement policies that are detrimental to the country.

Sierra Leone has been struggling with economic difficulties, including high inflation and a weakening currency. The country’s fiscal situation has been exacerbated by a large wage bill, with a substantial portion of the national budget allocated to public sector salaries.

JFK expressed particular concern about the high cost of living, frequent power outages, and the prevalence of unexplained wealth, which he sees as a prevailing trend in the nation. He lamented the lack of proactive action and spirited debate from both the government and the opposition, leaving the public without the benefits of democracy.

He remarked, “While the opposition remains silent, the people suffer. The absence of robust debate and proposed solutions deprives the public of the benefits of democracy.”

JFK emphasized that the populace feels abandoned and left in the wilderness due to the apparent inaction of both the government and the opposition in addressing pressing issues affecting citizens’ livelihoods.