Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Sierra Leone has highlighted a concerning economic trend in the country.

Kamara brought attention to Sierra Leone’s inflation rate, revealing a significant surge from 12% in 2021 to a staggering 27% in 2022. Quoting the World Bank, he stated that by August 2022, a staggering 81% of households in the nation were grappling with an inability to meet their basic food and nutritional needs.

He remarked, “Sierra Leone’s inflation rose from 12% in 2021 to 27% in 2022. By August 2022, 81% of households found themselves unable to cater to their fundamental food and nutrition necessities’. (World Bank). Poverty has become a co-tenant dwelling with our people. We need urgent rethink

The alarming statistics underscore a deepening economic crisis, where a majority of Sierra Leoneans are facing unprecedented challenges in securing fundamental necessities. Kamara emphasized the severity of the situation, noting that poverty has essentially become a co-tenant, sharing living space with the country’s population. The alarming message serves as a stark call to action, urging an urgent and comprehensive reassessment of the nation’s economic policies.

Sierra Leone, known for its post-war recovery and developmental efforts, now grapples with a pressing need for immediate intervention to address the rising inflation and its subsequent impact on the lives of its citizens. Kamara’s plea for an “urgent rethink” resonates as a critical call for policymakers to prioritize economic stability and devise strategies to alleviate the increasing financial burden on households.

As the message gains traction on social media platforms, it draws attention to the economic challenges faced by Sierra Leone, prompting discussions on the necessary steps to mitigate the crisis and restore a sense of financial security for its people. The former Attorney General’s message serves as a catalyst for broader conversations on economic reform and social welfare in the nation.