Sierra Leonean researcher, author and editor; Dr. John Idriss Lahai has revealed that the Chief Administrator of Kambia District Council, Edward Alpha is using a fake PhD from Commonwealth University.

Who is Edward Alpha? Mr (fake Dr) Edward Alpha is the current Chief Administrator Kambia District Council.

He was recruited as Development Planning Office in Koidu New Sembehun City Council (a Grade 11 position), and was transferred to Bo City Council to work in the same capacity.

In 2017 he was promoted to Acting Chief Administrator (Grade 13) Pujehun District Council — this impromptu appointment occurred when some Chief Administrators, Finance Officers and Procurement Officers were suspended (pending investigation into the 2017 corruption allegations regarding some EU funds).

In 2018. Edward Alpha was transferred to Bo City Council (in the same capacity as Acting Chief Administrator, Grade 13).

In 2019 he acquired a fake Master’s degree (in Business Management and Leadership from the fake London Graduate School) and a PhD degree (Doctor of Public Administration, DPA) from the fake Commonwealth University in Dubai.

In 2020 there was a general staff verification exercise and he (Edward Alpha) used these fake degrees (masters and PhD) to confer undue, albeit comparative advantage over other applicants. He was retained as a substantive staff while others (who were Deputy Chief Administrators but were also acting as Chief Administrators) were relegated to the positions of Deputy Chief Administrators. Edward Alpha was the only one who was not relegated because of his (fake) masters and PhD.