I first heard about Titi Blyden in 1996 when she organized a party called the Yuppies or Youth International Party. I was then in the pre-mendecratic SLPP helping Tejan Kabbah at a time when most of SLPP’s mendecrats had ran off to N.U.P. with Bio.

Wherever she was during the NPRC junta period, I don’t have any information but I have my suspicions. During the 1996 campaign, she came across to me and some others as an immature, empty headed noise maker. She ran for president as one of 17 candidates but flunked out.

About a year or so after Kabbah had won, The SLPP Admin was overthrown. I was then in Washington and soon began bombarding the AFRC junta on account of their atrocities. Everybody in Sierra Leone was surprised that I was attacking the junta. But I had my reasons.

In no time after the coup, the RUF was in Freetown and Blyden surfaced with the RUF, Foday Sankoh and Maskita there.

Meanwhile, my diplomatic bombard of the Freetown junta boys from Washington continued apace and I soon Implicated Taylor as the lying kingpin of the RUF’s fake civil war unleashed on SL for the purpose of looting SL Diamonds under false pretenses. Later, I was told that Blyden was busy helping with RUF propaganda in Charles Taylor’s Monrovia.

When Taylor and Foday Sankoh came to conclude that my diplomatic bombardment was threatening, their power, Taylor/Sankoh sent Blyden to Washington to try to recruit or seduced me to his side. She called the DC SL embassy twice. On the first occasion she began to stutter with soft ‘formfool titi mara sounds, wasting my time. I told her I was too busy then and that she should call later when she is prepared to talk right away.

She did call back shortly thereafter and began with a suggestive voice that she would like us to meet at her place or at the embassy to talk about the war, etc. The ‘wan suckteet wey ah leh-go pan am’ and after hanging up the phone, I never heard from her again until shortly after the Makeni Convention in 2005 when she sided with SLPP rogues against me with rubbish lies in her Awareness Times beginning in early September.

Blyden then continued publishing lying trash against me for Berewa’s benefit from then on until Berewa was defeated. I did not allow her to publish lies and fiction against me unopposed. Whenever friends from Freetown informed me of her posted articles, I would respond point-for-point in other newspapers in Freetown. This continued until September 2007.

After Berewa’s defeat, Blyden continued to publish trash against Dr. Cynthia Thorpe, the US Ambassador, the UN Representative and others claiming that Berewa was cheated by a rogue NEC assisted by those personalities she has been insulting. Those insults continued for many months after EBK has assumed power.

As Berewa and Kabbah quarreled because mendecrats alleged that Kabbah gave power fraudulently to Northerners instead of Slpp, Blyden quietly shifted loyalties away from Berewa to Kabbah. By then, Tejan Kabbah had become “Uncle Tejan”.

After it became clear the EBK is in power to stay, Bylden quietly warned her way into the APC.

You may have noticed Blyden’s chronic habit of cozying up to those with power and abandoning them as they loose power —beginning with her Y.I.P. to Foday Sankoh & Taylor to Berewa & Kabbah, thence to EBK.

In the APC, Blyden met her Waterloo. So her current ambition is to succeed him.

Blyden does not have what it takes to be a decent, effective leader with the ability to continue where EBK left of. She is a very superficial woman gunning for power at the cheapest possible price via opportunism and deception.

Her so-called popularity is mush and arises out of her own very titi mutt-mutt propaganda with zero substance. I cannot stand the fraudulent sweet-mut, lie-lie politics she relied on to get to where she is in the APC. Too many of our people are just plain gullible.

Credits: Ambassador John Leigh.