In a show of diplomatic solidarity and regional cooperation, the Nigeria High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Ambassador Henry John Omaku, warmly received former Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as he arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Dr. Jonathan is leading a delegation from the West African Elder’s Forum (WAEF) tasked with monitoring the upcoming election scheduled for Saturday in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The esteemed former President’s visit comes at a critical juncture for Sierra Leone as the nation prepares for a democratic transition.

Dr. Jonathan’s presence underscores the commitment of Nigeria, one of Africa’s leading democracies, to support and ensure the integrity of the electoral process in the region.

As a respected statesman with a wealth of experience in fostering peaceful and credible elections, Dr. Jonathan will leverage his expertise to oversee the electoral proceedings and provide an impartial assessment of the voting process.

The West African Elder’s Forum, comprising eminent personalities from across the region, seeks to promote free, fair, and transparent elections in Sierra Leone.

The Nigerian delegation, under the leadership of Dr. Jonathan, will engage with various stakeholders, including government officials, political parties, civil society organizations, and electoral bodies. Their objective is to observe the pre-election preparations, monitor polling activities on election day, and evaluate the overall fairness and transparency of the electoral process.

The election in Sierra Leone carries significant importance for the country’s democratic development, as it marks another milestone in its journey towards stability and progress. The presence of an esteemed delegation from Nigeria, led by former President Goodluck Jonathan, serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of West African nations in supporting the consolidation of democratic values across the region.