The Jorg Wolff Foundation, through the New Apostolic Church q(NAC) Mission Aid Sierra Leone, in their yearly charity gesture has donated food and non food items worth 10,000 Euro equivalent in Leones to the needy and poor people living in poverty thereby putting smiles on the faces of poor and vulnerable people.

Under the motto, “HUNGRY AND NEEDY, the New Apostolic Church of South Germany finances relief projects and supports mission work in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Ivory Coast.

The Church’s Senior Accountant, Abubakarr Mansaray and Building Clerk, Joseph Ngegbai who led the donation process together with other Apostles were given warm reception by beneficiaries who were in a jubilant mood.

Orphans, street children, underprivileged children, amputees, widows, the blind, deaf and dumb, the aged, physically challenged people and Coronavirus survivors were among those that benefited from this year’s donation.

The donation which cuts across the country targeted the Lunsar Aged Home, Makeni Amputees and Disable Camp, Magburaka Aged and Disability Camp, Kayima Vulnerable Group in Kono district, Bunumbu Vulnerable Group in Kailahun district, Kenema District Disable Camp, Mattru Bonthe District Amputees and Disable Camp.

The donationp ceremonies were done in the presence of each Apostle working area in Kono, Kailahun, Kenema, Makeni, Mattru Jong, Lunsar and Magburaka.

At the Lunsar Aged Home, the items were received by Shephard Dawo, who replaced Ap Braima Saffa and explained how difficult life is for them considering the high cost of living now in the country and especially how most of them survive through street begging.

He thanked JW Foundation for reaching out to them and prayed that God continue to grow the church and bless its members who are a blessing to them.

There was a chilling moment of joy at the Makeni Amputee and Disable Camp when the items were presented to them. There were songs of praises as the beneficiaries explained their unbearable conditions of living. “Things are hard and even to eat a day is a challenge for some of us,” said Marie Koroma.

At the Kailahun Amputee Camp the beating of drums and the expression of smiles on the faces of beneficiaries manifested how happy they were to receive from the Church.

All the centers visited were very much appreciative of the gesture from the JW Foundation and how their timely intervention has brought hope and joy to them.

This year’s team from the church comprises of the Senior Accountant Abubakarr Mansaray, Building Clerk, Joseph Ngegbai, and representatives from district Ministers from the different targeted Apostles’ operational areas.