Journalist Munya Bawoh has accused police officers in Kenema of assaulting him and detaining him while he was on assignment.

Bawoh claims the incident occurred yesterday when he witnessed a confrontation between police and disabled individuals in a public space.

According to Bawoh, he attempted to document the event with photographs when officers approached him aggressively, trying to confiscate his camera. Bawoh alleges he was then beaten and detained at the Kenema Police Station on Hangha Road.

Efforts to reach the Kenema Police Station for comment were unsuccessful, with reports of hostility towards journalists seeking information. The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) has been notified of the incident and is expected to take action.

The alleged assault on Bawoh raises concerns about press freedom and police conduct in Sierra Leone. SLAJ’s response and any official investigation will be closely monitored.