The journalist who was with the Sierra Leone during the investigation of the murder case of DJ Clef exposed Baimba Moiforay commonly known as LAC as response to his first video.

The lady who did not announce her name in the audio confirmed that LAC is the murderer of DJ Clef. In the point where LAC alleged that Sierra Leone Police asked him to pay forty million Leones (Le40,000,000) to dismiss his case, the unidentified journalist debunked the claim. She said the police never requested any money from him.

The CCTV camera that he spoke about that he has fifteen (15) of them installed in his house, the journalist also denied. She said there was only one CCTV camera that was installed in his parlour. All the CCTV cameras were removed. “We only met the one in the parlour” she stated.

“Secondly, he offered his gold chain for sale at ten million Leones (Le10,000,000) so that he can pay the lawyers. He gave the chain to one of the journalists called Pastor. He took the chain to Sweizy where it was bought at eight million Leone (Le 8,000,000),” she narrated.

He threatened to make LAC’s life miserable if he makes any other pronouncement especially some of them that knew everything about the case. She added that when they went to do spot-check in his house at Murray Town in Freetown, they met blood. They notice the blood when they reviewed the CCTV camera. “We also saw the towel they used to wipe off the blood” she added.

The unidentified journalist warned LAC to stop lying. “I hate when someone lies after doing the wrong thing. No one in this world that says he/she doesn’t do negative things but you don’t have to lie.” she said. She continued saying that justice has prevailed and it was given to him by the Government. “So, he has nothing to say” she added.

The unidentified journalist talked about the sources of income of the fugitive. She stated that, when they asked LAC about his sources of income, his response was from his girlfriend from the United States. She said he never mention his dad. “He said it was his wife that was sponsoring him” she stated. “What kind of lie is this” she asked.

She continued saying that the vehicle that they used to dump the corpse at a nearby house at Murray Town Cemetery belongs to him. she added that When he was asked about the vehicle, he said he has sold it. “They used his rog to cover the body” she added.

With anger, the unidentified journalist stated that if LAC did not stop, all of them that followed the case will swear him and all the women will stand naked for him and he will never see light in the world. “Since he said he is witch, we will tell him that there are people that can witch than him. If he says he is a ritualist, there are people that are ritualists than him. Anything that he claims that he does, there are people that are into it triple times than him” she stated. “If he wants us to expose you, you will fed-up with this case. We will hunt you wherever you are in this world” she warned.