The Judiciary of Sierra Leone, in their commitment to raise awareness and fulfill their responsibility of interpreting and applying the laws, has undertaken a visit to the eastern region.

Led by their communications unit, the team from Freetown was warmly received by Christian Amara, the outreach officer in charge of the region.

The primary objective of this visit is to distribute informative IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) materials across various locations in the region, including Kenema, Tongo, Kono, Segbwema, Daru, and Kailahun town.

These materials have been thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive and self-educating content, allowing individuals to gain a better understanding of the judiciary’s operations and processes. Such efforts form an integral part of the judiciary’s outreach and public education initiatives.

The materials are comprehensively produced and self-educative for the people to understand things and some operations of the judiciary as part of their outreach and public education