Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, took the stage at the 37th African Union (AU) Assembly of Heads of State in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, representing President Julius Maada Bio. During the assembly, he presented two pivotal reports for endorsement and adoption on behalf of the Sierra Leonean government.

The first report, known as the 24th C-10 report, focused on the reform of the United Nations Security Council. President Bio serves as the Coordinator of the AU Committee of Ten Heads of State and Government on the UN Security Council Reforms (C-10). The second report, the African Peer Review report, had been adopted by the 33rd Summit of the African Peer Review Forum, with President Bio holding the outgoing Chair of the Forum.

Vice President Jalloh, in a LinkedIn post, highlighted the progress made in Sierra Leone under President Bio’s leadership, emphasizing efforts to garner broad support for the Common African Position concerning the UN Security Council reform. Additionally, he underlined the endeavors to encourage African states to join the African Peer Review Mechanism.

President Bio’s leadership in both the C-10 and APR Forum received commendations during the presentations, and the reports garnered unanimous endorsement and adoption by the AU Assembly. This recognition reflects Sierra Leone’s active role and commitment to shaping key discussions on the African and global stage.

Expressing gratitude, Vice President Jalloh thanked the Sierra Leone delegation, led by Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Amara Kallon, for their outstanding work. He also extended appreciation to the Government of Ethiopia for their hospitality during the assembly.

Looking ahead, Algeria is set to assume the Chair of the African Peer Review Forum for the period 2024-2026. Vice President Jalloh wished President AbdelMadjid Tebboune of Algeria a successful tenure in leading this significant forum.