Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh inaugurated the Western Area Peninsular Water Fund at the Guma Water Dam on the morning of January 25, 2024.

Dr. Juldeh highlighted the fund as an innovative financing tool aimed at bolstering water conservation and accessibility in Freetown and its neighboring regions.

Despite commendable efforts to enhance access to affordable and safe drinking water, Sierra Leone faces formidable challenges, including a rapidly growing population, environmental impacts, and financial gaps. Dr. Juldeh underlined the urgency of addressing these issues and expressed confidence in the Water Fund’s potential to serve as a catalyst for additional funding. Beyond financial support, the Vice President emphasized the fund’s pivotal role in fostering private sector engagement within the water industry.

The Western Area Peninsular Water Fund emerges as a strategic response to the complex dynamics surrounding water resources. Its overarching goal is to contribute significantly to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for 2030. Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh’s dedication to this initiative reflects the government’s commitment to overcoming obstacles and ensuring a sustainable water future for Sierra Leone.

As the launch marks a pivotal moment in Sierra Leone’s water management strategy, it is anticipated that the fund will not only address existing challenges but also inspire collaborative efforts from various stakeholders. The focus on private sector involvement aligns with a holistic approach, signaling a shared responsibility in achieving long-term water security and fulfilling the nation’s development objectives.