Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, has offered vital leadership advice to government officials in order to achieve the transformative goals outlined in the SLPP People’s Manifesto 2023.

During an address at the Orientation Retreat on Public Service Systems, VP Jalloh stressed the critical need for cohesive teamwork in realizing the President’s vision and the SLPP government’s aspirations.

He underscored that optimal service delivery hinges on each appointee’s commitment to advancing the nation’s development agenda.

I addressed Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, and Heads of Departments, sharing invaluable leadership insights to drive the achievement of the SLPP People’s Manifesto 2023’s BIG FIVE GAME CHANGERS,” VP Jalloh stated.

His remarks elaborated on key points aimed at fostering effective collaboration and efficient governance.

Firstly, he emphasized the interconnectedness of roles, urging Ministers to cultivate strong working relationships among themselves and create a synergistic network for success. VP Jalloh further encouraged departmental leaders to align their efforts with their respective Ministers.

Secondly, the Vice President highlighted the significance of social intelligence as a tool to manage, respect, and motivate individuals to excel. Ministers were advised to intimately understand their Ministries and the needs of their constituents, thereby enhancing their ability to serve effectively.

In conclusion, VP Jalloh highlighted the pivotal role of the Civil Service as an instrumental mechanism for achieving the government’s objectives. He reiterated the unwavering commitment to delivering on President Bio’s ambitious BIG FIVE agenda, which stands as a top priority for the nation’s progress.