The elder sister of Hassanatu Julie Conteh popularly known Julie Tombo has leaked the WhatsApp chat between Musa Tombo and Julie Tombo.

The elder sister addressed Musa Tombo for the video he released against Julie Tombo. She analyzed the name attached to Musa. She said his original name is Musa Kamara, not Tombo and ‘Tombo’ is a name of a place. “Let check about your original name. Your original name is Musa Kamara. If Julie uses Julie Tombo, why should that concern you. Tombo is a name of a place. You are not the one”. She spoke.

The elder sister further stated that, Musa Tombo has been messaging Julie even when he stated in his video that she can’t marry a woman with six children. “You said you don’t have anything to do a woman with six children. You have been messaging the woman”. She spoke. “You have been calling and texting her. Then you told Julie that you never wanted to marry Hawa but she forced you to do it”. She added.