Housemate Salone season 3 reality TV show winner Juliana Doye Conteh aka Julie Tombo has on her Facebook page announced the coming of the 7th child from the 7th father. This she named herself as the mother of the nation.

Sierra Leoneans who may have claimed knowing Julie Tombo comes shortly after she was chastised and stigmatized for having six different children from different fathers. This story of hers game her the public eye and eventually won the just concluded Housemate Salone show.

She was undoubtedly called by so many names in Sierra Leone and the diaspora for having six children from different fathers. This without question game her the limelight to winning the Housemate Salone season 3 reality TV show.

During her few days in the House, the celebrity was accused of being pregnant by fellow Housemates and alleging that she didn’t know her objectives. This rumours she debunked to fans.

It is close to 4 months since the show ended that Julie she finally decided to spill the beans of the goods news to her Tombolistic fans and the public to know that she has conceived again for the 7th child of the 7th Dad.

The father to the pregnancy is yet to be announced but the media knows Nohmi George her boyfriend who she spent most of time with during the show and presently her fiancée.

On her Facebook page she lamented:

Am the mother of all nations. Me and pregnancy cannot be departed!!!! If u dae play sweet and soba ludo 6 for comfort!!!! Na Good English!!!! I am the daughter of Israel!!!!”