Winner of the Housemates Salone Yagba Season three, Juliana Conteh aka Julie Tombo has taken on her social media platform to reveal plans to empower twenty-one women from across Sierra Leone on makeup skills training and beauty classes.

The Queen in her statement said The Tombolistics Helping Hands Foundation presents Free Makeup Training for potential Makeup professionals.Adding that this is an awesome opportunity to learn a new skill or perfect one’s skills in Makeup.

Julie said she will be selecting 20 random participants. And this will be a month long course starting from August 15th to September 15th 2022 (3days a week)

Adding that all equipments and items needed for the class will be provided. And that attendance is mandatory for all Days from 10:30-1:30pm

She also stated that Uniform is required. And went on to also disclose that at the end of the course session. A Certificate of completion will be earned and given
to the training is currently ongoing at Wellington.

This is a good opportunity to grow in your skills. Interested participants are welcome to apply by sending me a message. Lastly, I’m in need of Funders, sponsors to help me make someone’s dream come true. I look forward to your sshop

She made this announcement few days after she was crowned Winner of this year’s Housemates Salone Yagba Season three and announced Brand Ambassador for AfriMoney.