D’Yagba Diva an the winner of the just concluded Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show, Juliana Doye Conteh aka Julie Tombo has on her Facebook handle shared stunning photos with her Fiancée Nohmi George.

This Titanic love story of Julie and Nohmi started in a way many fans and supporters of the show thought it was all about game playing since the show’s theme was ‘The Game Get Yagba’. This has gone way past our thoughts as fans but a love story that has a vision to last long.

After the show, the winner and the finalist went to taken Dubai on a celebration trip for Julie Tombo. During the vacation, the celebrities had all their time they couldn’t have during their stay in the house as almost everywhere in and out of the house was surveillance with cameras.

Being in love with his dream man, Julie Tombo disclosed that it has nothing to do with how they met, what people want or what others say, it is all about how they feel for each other, what they (Julie and Nohmi) want and how it how they process what people say about them.

Julie continued that, she knows not what tomorrow has for her. In that regards, she enjoys what she has on her doorstep. “I came a long way, having someone I call my own and my bestie is everything, now everything is in the hands of God” Julie mentioned. This she said expressing her appreciations to God and being hopefully for the future with Nohmi George.

On her Facebook handle, she posted:

“Y’all Pass With it!!!!

It’s not how we meet, it’s how we feel about us

It’s not what they want, it’s what we want

It’s not what they say, it’s how we process it!!

I don’t know what tomorrow has for me, so am enjoying what God has brought to my doorstep right now!!!! I came a long way, having someone I call my own and my bestie is everything, now everything is in the hands of God🙏🙏🙏🙏”

As the coin has two sides, so do this Titanic love story of Nohmi George and Julie Tombo. According to Nohmi, you will not know the true meaning of love until you are fortunate being with the right person. Luckily for him, he has also found his dream fiancée, Julie Tombo.

Expressing her love for Julie, Nohmi had to say this:

If You’re Lucky Enough To Experience The Joy Of Being In Love, Consider Yourself Fortunate. Not Everyone Knows What It Feels Like To Be Blissfully Smitten. To Keep The Fire Burning, It ’s Important To Make Sure Your Significant Other Knowing How Much She Means To You.

Stay Safe Guy’s, Always Be Positive.”

Love in the air as both celebrities are into each other so tight. We are happy for you both.

Congratulations for going this far!!!