A proud mother of six children and Housemate Salone Le250 millions Leones winner Julie Tombo has amazed her fans and supporters when they found out that she allegedly opens a gofundme account to start her business after the show. 

The unpopular and stigmatized mother of six contested for the Housemate Salone season 3 reality TV show among 20 other contestants. Her days in the house were mixed with love, drama and true life story of her. With the swag and game she put on in the house won the hearts of many fans outside.

As the grand prize of the show is a huge sum of money of NLe250,000 (new currency) which is equivalent to 250 million old Leones. This among other packages were a flight trip to Dubai and many endorsement deals from major business companies in Sierra Leone.

The celebrity is an ambassador for AfriMoney Sierra Leone, an electronic money transfer system accessible anywhere anytime at your own convenience. As it stands today, she is the newest unveiled ambassador in town for Imambay Global Foundation.

Despite all these achievements and endorsement deals over this short period of time, it amazed some fans and supporters of the aforementioned celebrity to open a GoFundMe account to start up a business.

The GoFundMe account is organized by one Isata Conteh. The account has had about 87 donors and a sum of $5,102 at the time of this article.

This step taken for Julie has perplexed many fans as to really if these reality TV shows are worth contesting for. Julie Tombo was awarded a huge sum of money to start or continue her business if she pleases with no financial obstacles expected.

The fundraising event is still ongoing for Julie title “Family,Fans & Friends gifts towards Julie!” in the gofundme domain.