As the Entertainment Industry and family of the deceased still weeps for their lost, Late Fumi aka Odugwu, there have been bashes, shame and controversies over an alleged contribution made by Housemate Salone season 3 winner Juliana Doye Conteh aka Julie Tombo on behalf of the family of Late Franklyn Gibson popularly known as Fumi.

Accusations and allegations that went viral from Whatsapp screenshots to leaked audios, disclosed that Julie Tombo asked for funeral contributions from the Tombolistic fans on behalf of their late Ex-Housemate contestant Franklyn Gibson. After several contributions made from Tombolistic fans from their widows mite, it was alleged that Julie Tombo embezzled part of the money and sent some to the family.

On a live interview with Tamba Bee of Africell, Julie disclosed that she organized the fundraising event for late Fumi but her fans have had an other plans ahead of their Tombolistic program which resulted to minimal outcome on the fundraising event. As a result of this low turn up from her fans, Julie alleged to have taken her personal money to boost the amount to an amount she wanted to donate to the family.

“My team already had their plan for the Yagba Diva show, so there wasn’t too much fund that came up, so I took personally from my money to add it up which make it a total of NLe 10 million Leones” Julie mentioned while talking to Tamba Bee.

When Julie was asked about the controversies and the media sagas on this issue, she disclosed that she never responded because Fumi’s death was sudden and shock to her that she ignored all side talks. She added that the late man didn’t come from a family that expected something from herself and fellow Ex-Housemates. She affirmed that she did what she did for the late man because of the bond they shared during the Housemate show.

As allegations continued to hit Julie after Fumi was laid to rest, Julie added that she owed no explanation to anyone outside Fumi’s family. This she said was that, if she owed an explanation, then it would have been Fumi’s parents.

Responding to Tamba bee’s question of whether the family fully accepted the money offered in good faith, Julie mentioned that she was not their but her aunt told her they accepted the money with Nohmi George, former fiancée of the deceased Ginger queen, blank panther witnessed the event.