Winner of Housemate Salone Yagba Season 3 Show, Juliana Conteh aka Julie Tombo has just arrived in Dubai wearing a flashy attire that shows off her cleavage and her pregnancy bumps.

According to a photo taken of her on her arrival at Dubai, she had on a long fitted casual jumpsuit covered with a colourful varsace shirt that complemented her skin.

The photo shows her boyfriend, Nohmi George,  standing by her right as she casually posed with her left foot in a fine snicker and her left hand holding a designer bag.

The two love birds are seen in Dubai, following a rumor that the they are planning on getting married.

However, both housemate stars, Julie Tombo and Nohmi George have not confirmed the news to Sierra Leoneans as they anticipate their wedding.

Julie is carrying her seventh child at age 29 and the pregnancy has already shooted out. See full photo below: