Justice Cosmotina Jarett will on Thursday, February 27, 2022, decide whether to discharge or continue with the matter between the state and Dr. William Konteh, Yeniva Sesay and Victor Cole, who are being tried for corruption related offenses.

Counsel for the 1st accused person, Drucil Taylor, made an application during the last proceedings that, they felt compelled and insisted that the conduct of the proceedings was nothing short of abuse.

β€œAs a pattern of delay continues even before your trial in this matter, I will continue to pray that this court discharge the 1st accused person until such time when the court will try them,” he submitted.

Also, counsels for the 2nd and 3rd accused persons, A. B. Sesay and M.M Bittar adopted the submission made by counsel for the 1st accused person and prayed that the matter be discharged until when the prosecution is ready to proceed with the trial.

But the judge urged the prosecution to proceed with the matter on the next adjourned date.

The Anti-Corruption prosecutor had earlier told the court that the ACC Commissioner was not in the country to endorse the fiat for the trial.

The defense counsels had asked the judge not to start the trial all over again as it had reached the judgement stage- from the former judge who was hearing the trial, but Justice Cosmotina Jarett ruled that the trial should go on and that he cannot just deliver judgement