The Management of Justice FM Radio have apologized to the Independent Media Commission and especially to the four commissioners who were wrongly accused by the radio station for merely inviting the station to listen to a complaint made against them.

The station during hearing brought against them apologized and assured that such a behavior will never happens. The complaint against the station was presided over on Monday 24th October 2022 at the conference room of the commission regarding audio circulated on social media from a broadcast accusing four commissioners of the IMC that they are APC operatives sent to the commission as spies. The Chief Executive Officer, Justice Radio, Kelvin Lamdo was quick to apologized to the commissioners noting that he was embarrassed at the broadcast made by one of his staff by the name of Justin Boima accusing four commissioners of bias and belonging to the APC party.

‘As the CEO, I take full responsibility and assured you that this will never happens again. This is our commission and we are supposed to defend and protect it. We should not be seen degrading the commission or disrespecting the commissioners, he said.’

Kelvin noted that as a professional media trainer he will take steps in correcting the wrongs and that they will do a retraction on what was broadcast.
In response to the apology, the Chairman of the complaint committee, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai cautioned the management of the radio describing the broadcast as unfortunate and one that do not represent the media.

Saffa Abdulai describe the broadcast as a gross misconduct and unprofessional behavior, while noting that so many complaints comes before the commission and that they have always treat such matters with fairness irrespective of who is before them.

‘Tarnishing people’s character for which you have no evidence is wrong and this is something we should not tolerate. We are going to take a decision and the provision of the IMC code of conduct will apply.

However, IMC is not just about levying fines on people or organizations who go against the Law but it also about cautioning people and called on them to do what is right, Saffa Abdulai said.’
He called on the presenter of the program, Justin Boima and the Justice Radio to lower their tone and try to be professional in all that they do.
Commissioner Mustapha M K Sesay expresses how hurt he was listening to the broadcast and the accusation levy on him and his colleagues by the radio.

Mr. Sesay said he is media professional and that he is at the IMC representing SLAJ as Print media expert and not as a political party representative.

‘I had wanted to go to court but on a second thought looking at our work as a regulator, we decided that IMC should sit on the mater. Your broadcast caused lot of discomfort but this is how it is. Yes, you will be doing retraction but the damage has already been caused, he said.’
The mater was concluded with the radio station asked to do a retraction while the IMC will be putting out it decision on the matter. The commissioners accused in the radio broadcast accepted the apology but noted that Justice Radio should do a retraction on what they broadcast about them.

The day also witness the matter between Justice FM and the Mayor of the Freetown municipality Yvonne Aki Sawyer. The matter relating to the Mayor was adjourned to next week for final sitting.