In a bid to intensify voter registration across the Country precisely in South East the young, proactive, enthusiastic, Indomitable and philanthropist Called Chief Abdul Kadiru KaiKai has encouraged the residents in South East to do their Voters  Registration which he described as the civil responsibility of all citizens to register.

During his various campaign on voter registration in the said towns, he was warmly received by jubilant SLPP members and supporters. Making his statement, he stated that, “Chief Kadiru KaiKai is here to energise and galvanize SLPP supporters to go out and register because 2023 we are ready and set to Vote back President Bio.”

He seized the the various occasions to pinpoint on some of the development of President Dr. Julius Maada Bio Administration. He further highlighted the Free Quality Education, the Munafa Fund,  Substainable Progressive Electrification, 7 Districts headquarter towns electricity and water projects on going, Five major Bridges constructed ie. Juba, Savage St, Rogbera, Magbang, Pendembu Kailahun Bridge, Fifty School Busses, MCC Scorecards pass mark, Modern refurbishment of Parliament, Miata Conference Centre, National Stadium, Over 65 Communities on solar grids including BO, Kenema, Masiaka, Kambia, Kailahun, Over 400 tractors and 2000 implements for agriculture, New processing factory for iron ore at Koya, Port-Loko (Rogbang) rice production etc, amongst Others as a figment among the many developmental projects implemented by the New Direction Government. In response, the attendees and onlookers all attested to have benefitted from the numerous development he highlighted.

In the same vein, he encouraged the SLPP Members and supporters to register and Vote back President Bio in order to ensure the continuation of these programs. According to him, all the aforementioned stages in the President’s life speak volume of the good leadership qualities in him.

He concluded by admonishing them to live in Unity and push for a common goal; that is making President Dr. Julius Maada Bio to win back 2023 Election. He further encouraged the people of South East to turn out in large numbers to register maintaining that it is their fundamental right as enshrined in the Country’s Constitution and more especially to ensure that they vote for President Bio in order for him to get a second term in office to continue to work in the interest of the people of this nation.

The Philanthropist Chief Abdul Kadiru KaiKai will continue his Voters Sensitization in other District in due course.

Chief Abdul Kadiru KaiKai say, go register to vote back President Bio 2023 Operation No Run Off