The Commissioner for the Anti-Corruption Commission, Francis Ben Kaifala has showcased the talent of 17 years old boy, Alusine G Kamara, who won the third prize of the 2021 National Anti-Corruption Creative Arts Competition for young people in Sierra Leone.

The  Third Prize Winner of the National Anti-Corruption Creative Arts Competition for Young People as adjudged by a team of Eminent Independent Judges recruited by the ACC, impressed the commissioner with his work, which portrayed a vivid example of how the commissioner and his team fights against corruption in Sierra Leone.

The 17 years old boy´s work is a finely painted picture of the commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala, fighting to open the mouth of a fierce Lion which contains huge amount of money and some other people in the act of corruption.

According to the Commissioner, the boy´s interpretation is that, the BEAST is CORRUPTION and the Commissioner is fighting it to retrieve all the stolen wealth it had amassed. It is a tough fight and you can see how the Commissioner is sweating and really almost tiring out; but when he thinks about the suffering of the masses due to the bribes and the terrible actions of the corrupt, he summons all his strength like SAMSON in the BIBLE to tear open the mouth of the beast (Corruption) to bring out the People’s money (Testament of the Unmatched Billions of Leones and equivalent of Millions of Dollars recovered from the Corrupt in the last 3 years) by the Commissioner and his team at ACC.

The Commissioner, with admiration and his discernment for good art, ended with these few words “Look at those vivid features of the art drawn from scratch by hand of a 17 year old boy! Are our youths not truly creative?