In the spotlight of the November 2023 edition of the Harvard Law School’s World Class Alumni Newsletter is Francis Ben Kaifala Esq, the Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Sierra Leone (ACC-SL).

As the prestigious institution celebrates the 100th Anniversary of its LLM program, Kaifala reflects on his transformative experience.

Commissioner Kaifala expressed the deliberate choice he made to join Harvard Law School’s LLM program, emphasizing the profound impact it had on him. He remarked, “When I joined the Harvard Law School’s LLM programme, it was a deliberate decision to tap into the World’s Premier network of LEADERS and MINDS.”

His timing couldn’t have been more auspicious, coinciding with the centennial celebration of Harvard’s LLM program. Kaifala proudly stands as one of its highlighted students, a testament to his remarkable journey.

Kaifala, hailing from Sierra Leone, sees his educational journey not only as a means to an end but as a beautiful and rewarding experience in itself. His sentiments echo the sentiment that the journey is as significant and enriching as the destination. As Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Sierra Leone, Kaifala has translated his Harvard education into impactful leadership, becoming a beacon of integrity in the fight against corruption.

This feature in the Harvard Law School’s alumni newsletter not only recognizes Kaifala’s accomplishments but also underscores the global reach and influence of the institution’s LLM program, marking a century of shaping legal minds and leaders worldwide.