According to reports from Kamakwie the headquarter town of Karena District, the Police Station has been burnt down and the few inmates in the cell all escaped.

This is part of ongoing demonstrations in Freetown and the Northern part of the country today by citizens against the ruling government.

The protesters say they are demonstrating against the high cost of living, police brutality, corruption and general injustice perpetuated by the government.

In various parts of the country, there are report of gun shots fired and heavily armed police and military personnel in the streets.

Videos shared on social media showed protesters burning down a police station in Karene District and prisoners locked in all escaped.

‘Unconfirmed reports say there have been deaths. It’s not clear how many. The head of the police in the north, Gabriel Tommy says they’ve imposed an indefinite curfew in Makeni and Magburaka with the possibility of extending it to Kamakwei. Situation being monitored,” BBC’s Umaru Fofana reported.

Watch Videos below: