In the aftermath of the June 24th multi-tier elections in Sierra Leone, Samura Kamara, the Presidential Candidate for the main opposition, the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, has vehemently reacted to the presentation of the certificate of return to President Julius Maada Bio by the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mohamed K. Konneh.

Kamara expressed deep concern over what he believes to be a manipulated process, branding it a “stage-managed occupation” of the State House and a blow to the democratic principles of the nation.

According to Kamara, Sierra Leone has lost its former glory and prosperity since the SLPP assumed governance in 2018.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, Kamara condemned what he described as an “unprecedented election fraud” that took place during the June 2023 elections.

He asserted that the citizens were determined to bring about change, as evidenced by the massive turnout at polling centers. However, he lamented the erosion of democracy since 2018, culminating in the alarming electoral fraud in the recent polls.

Kamara stressed the gravity of the situation, warning that allowing such undemocratic practices to persist could lead to a further deterioration of political, social, and economic conditions in the region.

He urged the international community, particularly ECOWAS, the AU, and other partners, to intervene and prevent the spread of this undemocratic behavior, emphasizing the significance of upholding the voice and will of the majority.

The Presidential Candidate emphasized that inaction or indifference from international organizations and democratic supporters would only embolden dictators or potential dictators, posing a threat to global advocacy for democracy, freedom, peace, justice, and human rights.

Kamara’s call for international scrutiny and intervention comes amid rising tensions in Sierra Leone following the controversial election results, and his words underscore the importance of safeguarding the democratic process and the will of the people in the country.