The wife of Dr Samura Kamara, Mrs. Elizabeth Massah Samura Kamara has penned down a sensible write up calling on all Sierra Leoneans to come out in large number and register in order to make voting in the 2023 general election easier.

She says: “Voter registration is one of the fundamental pillars in meeting elections requirements and taking stronger decisions in changing the social, political, economic, and technological environment of a county.

The official commencement of the 2023 general elections registration process as announced by the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone is from the *3rd September – 4th October, 2022*. It is our responsibility as a people to protect our fragile democracy through the ballot box.

Therefore, every vote counts and it is extremely important to be registered as a voter. Electing Dr. Samura Kamara as president of the Republic of Sierra Leone is only when we are registered as voters.

Fellow citizens, we can only enlist our dissatisfaction and discontent with the way and manner in which our resources have been managed and controlled in the last four (4) years when we register to vote for the APC party come 2023 general elections.

Additionally, voter registration plays a critical role in the management of our peace, the people of Bo, Kono, Kenema, Kaihulun, Port Loko, Pujehun, Kambia, Bonthe, Bombali, Kerena, Falaba, Koinadugu, Tonkolili, Western Area Rural, Western Area Urban, etc let’s come out in our numbers to make a decision that will benefit generations yet unborn”